School of Economics and Management
Beihang University

About me

  • Joined Beihang in 2016.
  • Prior to that, worked in the big data group in Baidu.
  • Did my Ph.D and postdoc in Monash University, Australia.
  • Research interests: Forecasting, Statistical Computing, Big Data and Machine Learning.
  • If you want to learn more about me, please go to

General Information

  • Lecturer: Yanfei Kang
  • Language: The course is taught in Chinese. Materials are in English.
  • Computer language: R
  • Reception hours: Questions concerned with this course can be asked during or after each lecture or via email.
  • Lecture notes: available on
  • Working load: Depending on your own situation and you ambition, you decide how much time you want to input.
  • Course references: No specific reference books. References will be given for each lecture.
  • Examinations: To pass the final exam you have to have to finish a scientific report, the topic of which can be chosen by yourselves. It should be submitted together with source code via email two weeks after the last lecture. You can go with a group with 2 students. Attendence will also be checked and included in your final mark.

Tentative course contents

  • L1: R basics and tips
  • Collecting and dealing with text data
    • L2: Text processing, web scraping and text mining
  • Looking at data
    • L3: Data visualization
  • Modeling data
    • L4: Unsupervised methods
    • L5: Supervised methods
    • L6: Time series forecasting
  • Delivering results
    • L7: Dynamic documents