Current postgraduate students

  1. Xiaoqian Wang. Forecast combination from different perspectives. (Ph.D., begun 2018).
  2. Li Li. Feature-based Bayesian forecasting model averaging. (Ph.D., begun 2019).
  3. Yi Zhang. Bagging with GRATIS. (Master’s, begun 2019).

Current undergraduate students

  1. Bohan Zhang. Deep space state models for count data.
  2. Wei Cao. Forecast with forecasts.
  3. Fan Chen
  4. Kaidong Wang

Former students

  1. Yu Liu. Text-based covariate-dependent copula modeling with application to financial stocks. (Master’s, graduated in 2020). Now a data analyst at China Futures Market Monitoring Center.
  2. Tianyue Chen. Bayesian methods for fMRI data analysis. (Bachelor’s, graduated in 2019). Now a postgraduate student at the University of California-Berkeley.
  3. Yawen Guo. Chip Cutting Quality Optimization Based on Parameter Analysis. (Bachelor’s, graduated in 2019). Now a postgraduate student at Carnegie Mellon University.
  4. Qing Yuan. Research on the Internet Consumer Financial Default Forecasting Model. (Bachelor’s, graduated in 2019). Now a data analyst at
  5. Ke Dong. Prediction of the Financial Distress of China’s Public Companies. (Bachelor’s, graduated in 2018). Now a postgraduate at LMU Munich.